Lena Kotrulja, MD, PhD
dermatovenerologist, subspecialist
in pediatric dermatology

About us

Clinic for Dermatology and venereology, pediatry, allergology and clinical immunology DermaPlus is private health institution, which was founded  in March,  2015,  as a result of many years of clinical experience of the founder and director of the Clinic Lena Kotrulja, MD, PhD in the field of dermatology and venerology, and as the narrower field of pediatric dermatology.

In our work an individualized and comprehensive approach to the patient with superior expertise and professionalism in work is important to us.

Clinic DermaPlus collaborates with various dermatological and pediatric institutions and laboratories and is focused to the diagnostic procedures and treatment for various dermatological diseases.

Due to the comprehensive approach to pediatric patients as well as the complex allergic problem of dermatological patients, in 2020 the Clinic DermaPlus has extended its activities to the field of pediatrics and to the field of of allergology and clinical immunology with the decision of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia.

School of atopy is implemented as an educational program and counseling center for parents of children suffering from atopic dermatitis  with the purpose of educating parents and improving the control of diseases and treatment of the child.

The Clinic is located in the city center, near the Cathedral, with the possibility of parking.

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Our team

DermaPlus Clinic’s specialist team includes top experts in the fields of dermatology and venerology, pediatrics, and internal medicine – allergology and clinical immunology, led by the founder and director of the Clinic dermatovenerologist   Lena Kotrulja, MD, PhD.

Meet our team!


Dermatology and venereology

Lena Kotrulja
Lena Kotrulja prim.dr.sc., dr.med.
dermatovenerologist, subspecialist in pediatric dermatology
Suzana Ožanić Bulić
Suzana Ožanić Bulićdoc.dr.sc., dr.med.
consultant dermatologist, consultant paediatric dermatologist
Davorin Lončarić
Davorin Lončarićprim.dr.med.
specialist in dermatology and venereology and subspecialist in dermatological oncology

Internal medicine – clinical immunology and allergology

Mira Pevec
Mira Pevecmr.sc. , dr.med.
Branko Pevec
Branko Pevecdr.sc., dr.med.
specialist in internal medicine, subspecialist in pulmology and allergoloy and clinical imunology