According to the instructions of the Institute of Public Health, due to the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), we are taking maximum protective measures in our Clinic.

We’ve changed patient ordering so that we reduce mutual encounters and that we have enough time  to disinfect the patient area.

Upon arrival, it is necessary to wash and disinfect your hands.

If at all possible, we ask that only one parent enters the premises of the Clinic accompanied by the child.

Since it is not always possible to maintain a social distance, the staff wears protective equipment, and we recommend that parents and children older than 2 years wear protective masks.

We ask you not to come to the Clinic :

  1. If you or your child have a fever or any symptoms of inflammatory disease
  2. If you have had contact with  a person who is in quarantine or self-isolation, or you are in self-isolation yourself

Please understand and respect the measures.