Sclerotherapy is a medical treatment where sclerosing solution is injected into desired vein or capillary in order to promote inflammation which will stick together the vessel’s walls eventually resulting in its disappearance.

The agent is injected with small and thin (insulin) needle after which the cotton swab is placed on the injection site and kept for 24 hours. The basic prerequisite for good performance procedure is wearing elastic stockings or compression bandages after the treatment.

The procedure is painless for most people although sometimes there can be present a burning sensation during the applying the solution. Concentration of the sclerosing solution that will be applied depends on the diameter of the blood vessel.

The treatment may be repeated, if necessary, in 4 to 6 weeks. It’s advised for sclerotherapy to be done in the colder part of the year when it is more comfortable to wear elastic stockings or compression bandages which are obligatory after the treatment.