Fagron TrichoTest™- genetic test for personalized alopecia treatment


Hair loss (alopecia) is a progressive condition that has various forms and causes. The most common form of hair loss, known as androgenetic alopecia is hereditary.

Alopecia is a condition caused by a number of factors that are determined by a combination of genetic and external factors. The combination of both of these factors should be considered as a whole during the treatment of alopecia.

TrichoTest ™ is the most complete genetic test for alopecia that simultaneously analyzes genetic factors and other relevant characteristics of the patient. This unique and innovative test allows physician a completely personalized approach to treating alopecia and ensures exceptional diagnostic accuracy.

TrichoTest is intended for anyone who wants to understand how their genetics affect the treatment of alopecia, people who have a family history of alopecia, and men and women who have unsuccessfully used various treatments for partial or complete hair loss.

TrichoTest analyzes 48 genetic variations associated with alopecia within 13 different genes. Thus, the test determines the genetic predisposition for scalp diseases which makes it easier to select an appropriate treatment option that is fully tailored to the patient. Based on the results of the genetic test, the patient receives his personalized treatment/preparations for alopecia.

How to prepare for genetic testing?

Prior to the testing, a trichoscopic scalp examination is required, when the diagnosis is made and the indication for performing genetic testing is assessed. During the examination, all the necessary information about the patient’s health condition is collected.

The procedure is very quick and easy. It is performed by taking a swab of the buccal mucosa that lasts one minute. Your sample is then adequately stored and sent to a specialized genetic laboratory.

Note: One hour before taking a swab of the buccal mucosa for genetic testing, you should not eat or drink anything and do not rinse your mouth.

The next step is to fill out a questionnaire with dermatologist about your medical history and medical condition. The whole process takes place in strictly controlled conditions, which guarantee the security and protection of your personal data and your DNA used exclusively for this purpose. The results are ready within 4-5 weeks and are only available to your doctor, after which the patient receives a complete report and recommendation for a personalized treatment.

What is in the report?

Data confidentiality is guaranteed from the first to the last step, that is, from sampling to sending unique results back to the doctor via the Fagron Genomics platform.

The detailed report includes:

  • Summary of patient characteristics
  • Complete genetic analysis related to genes crucial for the development of alopecia with all the necessary explanations
  • Proposed personalized therapy recommended by a dermatologist


ADVANTAGES of TrichoTest:

Fully personalized treatment – based on the genetic test results you get your personalized preparations for hairloss

Explanation of genetic factors – you get a complete report explaining your genetic characteristics and their association with alopecia.

Doctor’s Support – Your doctor will now fully understand your genetic characteristics and how they are related to hair loss.

One-time genetic test – your genetic results will not change over a lifetime and this genetic test is only done once.