NutriGen™ Fagron Genomics – genetic test for personalized diet plan


NutriGen™ is an innovative genetic test that allows the development of a personalized diet plan for the purpose of weight regulation, taking into account genetic factors and other relevant characteristics of the patient.

What analyzes NutriGen™?
Fagron NutriGen™ analyzes your genetic predisposition for:


Who is NutriGen™ for?
– To anyone who wants to understand how their genetics affect their body weight
– Everyone who wants to have an optimal diet plan in accordance with their physical characteristics
– To all who have used different diets, but without success


What are the benefits of NutriGen™ test?
By purchasing the NutriGen™ test you get a completely personalized diet plan that is designed exclusively to help you achieve your goal. Analyzing 384 genetic variation will give you a complete report to help you better understand your body and provide it with the nutrients it really needs. Your nutritionist, doctor or pharmacist will now fully understand your genetic characteristics and their relationship to your body weight. Your genetic results will not change over a lifetime.

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