You need advice of a specialist dermatologist, pediatrician or internist allergist and clinical immunologist, but you are not able to come in Clinic for an appointment?

We are able to provide you an option of teleconsultation via Viber or Skype.

Teleconsultation cannot replace a clinical examination, especially in a dermatological or pediatric patient, but they can clarify dilemmas about the diagnosis, indicated dermatological examination  and therapy, as well as give advice on any additional diagnostic examinations and therapeutic options that may be needed.

You can send your recquest for teleconsultation by  e-mail: or by phone +385 14819504,

+385 993416866  and we will reply as soon as possible.

For teleconsultation  you need to provide your Viber or Skype username, to which we will call you at the agreed time.

Consultations are to be paid in advance, by bank transfer on the account of the Clinic DermaPlus, Kaptol 25, 10000 Zagreb;

IBAN: HR7623600001102448913, SWIFT (BIC): ZABAHR2X

  • The price of the first teleconsultation is 600 HRK, and the control teleconsultation 300 HRK.

In case of foreign currency payment, please apply the middle exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank on the day of payment.

NOTE: To confirm the date of the consultation, please submit a confirmation of payment for the teleconsultation along with the medical documentation no later than the day before the appointment.